3 benefits of coconut water

When we think of summer, in the heat and on the beach, surely a specific drink comes to our head. Yes, we are talking about the coconut.

Delicious and ice cold, this famous liquid becomes even more evident during the high summer season. Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and various other substances, it helps the body to function better. And, thinking about it, today we list for you three benefits that coconut water can bring to your body.


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Protects the heart and kidneys

The amount of potassium in the coconut water contributes to making the kidneys to excrete the correct amount of water and salt. Without this, the kidneys can not get rid of salt as they should, which can lead to increased blood pressure, a major risk to the heart.

Prevents cancer

Coconut water also is rich in cytokines that, among other things, prevent cell aging, and protect against cancer, due to rapid cell division they generate.

Helps the immune system

If nothing else, coconut water also helps the immune system to become stronger. Rich in vitamin C, the liquid increases the production of white blood cells that are responsible for combating microorganisms and bad functioning of the structures for human body.

Now you know: when staying at North Shore and for giving that walk on the beach, do not forget to buy a ice-cold coconut water to ensure better health for your body.

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