3 tips for you to use seashells decoration

The coastal reserve infinite peculiarities to those who visit. Are the beaches, the fluffy sand, the trees, the sea breeze and of course the shells. Surely you ever find yourself picking up shells by the sea, and perhaps just for fun.

So today, we want to put an end much more poetic and functional for them.What do you think of availing these small gifts of nature to leave your home decor even more beautiful?

The North Coast Hotels made a list with 3 great tips for you to reuse the shells and rock the ambiance of any site. Look that:

Picture frames

You can avail the shells, and this includes any size, coating frames, either pictures or mirrors. The effect is beautiful and the process is super simple.


Photo: play / Pinterest


You can also leave the cupboards of your home or any other mobile completely new face. In this case, choosing shells with more or less the same size and shape can help in ensuring the desired effect.


Photo: play / Pinterest


Some brilliant minds also thought about beautiful and cute lamps with shells. You know the flasher natalinos then a great way to let them even more beautiful is covering the bulbs with shells, a somewhat laborious task, but that ensures a great result.


Foto: reprodução/ Pinterest

So, what did you think of our tips? Take the opportunity to get their shells in some of the beaches on the North Coast has offices. Surely you will be very welcome.