3 ways of taking care of your hair this summer

If you are already planning a trip to the coast in the next vacation, for sure it includes a swim in the sea or hours in the pool, is not it? Even if the sea and the pools are the ones you find when staying in hotels North Coast, because they are completely irresistible.

However, when it comes to their hair, many women suffer in the summer, given the damage that the seawater, salt and chlorine cause the wires, making them ugly and damaged.

Thinking about it today apart a list of special care tips that you can take before and after the sea or swimming baths, so your hair will thank you and you can continue beautiful all summer. Follow us:


Foto: reprodução/ Clínica Livon

First of all, hydrate

During the summer, care must be doubled yarn, especially with respect to hydration. Apply the cream that works best for your hair type, let it act for a few minutes and rinse the yarn. There are night creams that do not require rinsing and work as well as others.

Run to the shower

After your dives, goes straight to the shower and thoroughly wash the hair. The wires must be free of agents that harm, such as sea salt hi chlorine pool.

For blondes

The bright wires require more care. The sun and chlorine can leave the blond strands with an ugly yellowish color, which surely you hate. So to avoid this problem, wash your hair up with some of those famous purple shampoos.

Now that you know how to take care of your wires, you can enjoy the sea here in Floripa and our pool at home. Make your booking with us and have an unforgettable holiday.

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