Carnival: here the fun has begun!

year-end parties the right not finished yet and Carnival has arrived. Yes, this year it takes place early in February, starting on day 9. And if you are a good of reveler certainly should already be preparing, is not it?

So why not come celebrate with us? We have great reasons for our hotels to convince you. Look that:


Photo: play / terraparque


A North Shore Hotel is already good, now imagine TWO! Yes, in Florianopolis you will find two our headquarters. One of them is in Praia dos Ingleses, in the northern part of the island, a prime location overlooking the sea and a wonderful infrastructure.

The second is in Ponta das Canas, close to the sea (even close!), And has wonderful spaces for leisure as well as for holding events.


When you stay in one of our hotels, everything is designed to make your stay perfect, and this includes, of course, the menu. In both the headquarters of Hotels North Coast you will find restaurants with signature dishes by renowned chefs, that will surely make you want to repeat.

In addition, our restaurants are open to the public, meaning you can safely invite friends of Floripa for a dinner without any problems.

special packages

If you are still not convinced to spend the Carnival here is a good idea, now you'll be convinced. Our team has prepared special packages for the date, among other things, include live music show for your enjoyment. It's just a click here and you will be on top of everything we have prepared for your stay in this so much fun date.

We are waiting for you, come visit us!