Florianópolis center arouses interest in tourists

It seems, it is not just the beaches of Florianópolis that fall into the graces of visitors to the city. More and more visitors have been interested in the available spaces in the city center. We list some of them for you.


Foto: reprodução/ ndonline

Public market

This space holds for welcoming local visitors who loves to try new flavors and share experiences in new businesses. There are numerous options, or you can check out several different proposals in the same environment. For example: in the south wing you find from breweries, the shops of grocery.


No use, the feirinhas are always a great option for those who want to wander outdoors. Just off the Public Market is a fair of regional products, which have different items, especially those grounded.


Another point that you need to know when visiting the center of Florianopolis, is certainly the Customs House.There you will find bobbin lace and even the witches of the islands. In addition, the tour of the craft can continue on around the Praça XV, where some artisans gather to exhibit their creations.

See, Florianopolis has many options to ensure a wonderful stay for you.Come visit us, join them in one of our hotels and enjoy the best of this city so welcoming.