Food parks: new in the Florianopolis summer

The summer of Florianopolis is always charming. Every year, thousands of tourists from different parts of the country and even from abroad, are in our fun and relaxing moments beaches such as those that anyone staying in the North Coast always have.

This year, however, a novelty is making it even more fun for those who come to Floripa: the food parks.


Photo: play / Marco Santiago ND

What are?

In general, some entrepreneurs are using empty spaces, some of them by the sea, even to concentrate restaurants Food Truck type in one place, allowing tourists a kind of different food court with several dining options divided in their respective Food Trucks. Unusual, right?

How did?

The initiative came from the Center for Food Trucks CDL (Chamber of Shopkeepers), and, according to those in charge, to all eight were set up Food Parks on the island's beaches. Ie possibly has there close to you.

You also found the brilliant idea? Floripa always have novelty for tourists, and Hotels North Coast are always open for you to have an amazing stay, and still enjoy the unusual programming and fun that our city offers. Make your reservation and enjoy!

ND with information online.