Have you thought about surfing in Tuxedo?

If you love surfing, but sometimes the rush of everyday life just holding you back, there is a novelty that can collaborate and to you: suit waterproof water.

The Japanese giant Quiksilver Wetsuits launched True, a full range of social clothes that can get wet, it dries quickly. The idea is that surfers use the suit for sports and do not need to change clothes after saving time they would have spent on this activity.

In general, the clothing is made of neoprene, a material that prevents water and does not hamper the performance of athletes. The company has delivered three different models shirt, shoe and suit for sale, which can be found in blue and black colors.In addition, those interested can choose between a common tie or in butterfly style.

So, what do you think? The total value of the costume is $ 2500 (about 7000 reais). Separate the video of the product campaign for you to know.

Oh, and do not forget that the beaches here in Florianopolis are great for surfing. Enjoy and stay with us.

With information Hypeness.