Jokes to liven up the pool

Summer has arrived and with it, the pools. Hotels here in North Coast, for example, ours are always used by the guests, especially the pile, he loves a joke at best water style.

Thinking about it, and also thinking to help you keep the kids in the summer climate, today prepared a list with some fun games that will not let anyone stop. Look that:


Foto: reprodução/ No Pátio

Race with cup

To accomplish this you need to play two teams, both with the same number of people to leave anyone at a disadvantage. To begin, place a bucket in one end of the pool. Then ask participants to get outside, each with a plastic cup. Once you give the signal, one member of each team must jump into the water and cross the path with the plastic cup in the mouth.The winners are those who fill the baldo with water first.


Fun and simple, this play surely will start laughter of the participants. It works like this: cut strips of colored plastic bag and ask for participants to catch on the back of swimsuits. One of the children should be without rabies and, by the time you give the signal, it should swim after the other to get a little tail for you.When she gets, the child who had stolen plastic strip assumes the position of the other.

Pass the tunnel

This is the famous catch-up, but with more emotion. The child who is caught must "freeze" in place with legs spread, and it can only go back to move when another participant plunge and go between his legs. Fun, right?

The entertainment options are endless in most awaited season of the year.Come have fun in the Hotel Costa Norte, we will do everything for your holidays be unforgettable.