Know the different types of surfboard

For those who are thinking about starting to practice a sport, surely we indicate the surf, because besides being a practice that ensures health, it also brings with it a lifestyle able to relieve the mind tensions, since the direct contact with nature provides great sensations.

So for you to enter headlong into the surf, you must first choose the right board. So it's time to order your, the main tip is: do not buy by price.It is crucial to choose the quality and professional work that produced the famous shapers. This is because the shaper to meet you need to be in tune with the latest market trends and technologies.

If you already know where to get your now keep an eye to meet all kinds of board and choose that best fits their need.


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The main characteristic of this type of board is the size. It is the largest of all, and by the 70s, were the most common. Today they are the darlings of the most experienced surfers, because of their tradition; and also some beginners, since it ensures more stability for those who will be left standing on a surfboard for the first time.


The Gun is apparently too great, however, it has less contact area with water than the longboard. This board is known for its mobility and thus is very suitable for maneuvering in large waves.


Also lower than the longboard, the funboard is fast, so when the sea is too crowded, what surfers call a crowd, it is ideal to guarantee that you can paddle and get in the mood before the others.


It resembles the fun in width and thickness as well, but its format is different, with a more pointed beak. In general, it is a lighter and loose plank, which guarantees more maneuvers that long and fun, for example.


Surely this board is a favorite with surfers who like speed and maneuvers.However, they are mostly used for small waves.

Now that you know the main types of board, I think you just need to take a walk on the coast to catch the best waves. Choose the date of your choice, make a reservation at one of our offices and enjoy this delightful sport while staying with comfort and quality.

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