Reasons to know the Praia dos Ingleses

The beach of English is a paradise where nature does not skimp on beauty, this is nothing new. With about 5km long and sand shining in the sunlight, the beach also does not cease to be a busy leisure center.


In general, it has a great structure of bars, restaurants and shops from different segments, many on the seafront, combining leisure with pleasure to enjoy nature.

Of course, the sights will not fall short, and for those wishing to take advantage of what the coast has to offer, a good option is to visit the British dunes. These sandbars are an environmental preservation area, which in addition to a natural spectacle, are fun guaranteed for children and adults.

For those who like to venture a little further, it is also possible to practice sandboarding on sand dunes, which are not a great difficulty for those who want to challenge yourself in this sport.

Check out some photos of the dunes.

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