Safe summer: Floripa will feature 169 lifeguards

In high season, Florianópolis is visited by tourists from many places, including from abroad. Our beaches really enchant people, and with this, everybody wins, both local entrepreneurs, as the visitors, who carry with them the memory of incredible days.

However, not everything is perfect. In the summer also increases the number of drowning cases in the beaches, not just here in town. Thinking about it, Florianopolis is already preparing to make a lot of safety for bathers. Look that:


Foto: reprodução/ Fumape

With the new security scheme, 169 lifeguards circulate daily on the beaches, which had reinforced effective. Joaquina, Praia Mole, Matadeiro, Santinho, Brava and Ingleses, strengthening has been granted, given that these regions have a sea a little rough.

According to the 1st Battalion of the Fire Department, since 20 (Sunday) until January 31, there will be 155 lifeguards and 14 military working daily for the safety of citizens.

See, spend the season in Florianopolis, besides being a delight, it is very safe.Enjoy these holidays and come visit us, the North Coast Hotels are doors open to receive it

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