Summer: Safety tips for swimmers

You're already at the beach? No? If so, this text will help you immediately. If not, in a little while you can use the tips listed in this text.

In the warmer season the swimmers invade the beaches of Brazil and the world to a place in the sun or, better yet, water. Cool the high temperatures is the law this time of year. So to ensure your safety, follow the tips we have prepared for the duty of bathers.


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The lifeguard is your friend

Are you adventurous? You swim well? Like the sea? Okay, this is completely acceptable, however, is not why you should risk it. Sometimes it seems as if the sea is calm, but the signs in the sand demarcating a given space as dangerous, serious, do not swim there. The lifeguards are professionals and they know what they are doing. So, do not swim in areas considered dangerous.

Care of children

We know how much the beach, the sea and the summer climate is exciting for children. And we also know that let them play is critical. But child unattended in the sea can not! Do not give this silliness. In addition, the number of people roaming the beaches during this great time, and we never know who is malicious or not.

personal belongings

If you wont have to go to the beach, certainly have found some towel, abandoned and filled chair or beach wrap things up, it happens a lot when people go to the sea, after all, nobody wants to take the objects together. Therefore, we recommend always letting someone else take care of things while the others in the group bathe, because only in this way can prevent theft.

Here we Hotels North Coast always cherish for a perfect stay for you, including your safety. Follow our tips and do not let anything estregue your enjoyment.

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