Tamar project in Florianopolis with special program


Photo: play / Praia do Forte

Perhaps you have heard about this wonderful initiative is the Tamar Project, is not it? For his base here in Florianopolis, Barra da Lagoa, even received 2000 visitors in one day in January.

Considering this blockbuster, the Tamar Project has developed a differentiated programming for the period up to the February 14.Follow us:

In general, during the design basis tends to receive an average of 400 people a day, mainly because it receives many school classes of visits-schedule guided tours. However, in the number of visitations holiday season grows enough, mainly because of the amount of tourists the city receives.

The alternative found by Tamar extend bath time, and ensure the special programming with movies, interactive activities such as feeding turtles, for example, some guided tours, all this always from 10 to 19h, every day.

And if you want to venture further, Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30, all visitors can help the turtles bath is not too much?

Learn more on the project website.

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