The 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece

In Greece there is a huge variety of beaches; It has for all tastes! See a list of the most beautiful:

1) Navagio

It has been considered by the Huffington Post the most beautiful beach in the world. Sea has intense blue color contrasting with the fine white sand, and a beautiful rock in your surroundings.His nickname is "Shipwreck Beach" due to ship Panagiotes, who served for smuggling and was destroyed over time. There is also another attraction: a panoramic view from a platform that sits on top of the mountain, from where you can see the island of Zakynthos.


(Foto: Reprodução / Nômades Digitais)

2) Porto Katsiki

It is southwest of the island of Lefkada. The water is crystal clear and access to it is via 347 steps up the mountain. The sunset here is breathtaking.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

3) Falasarna

Considered one of the most spectacular beaches of Crete, is always included in the top 10 of Europe's best beaches. Its fine white sand and warm, crystal waters conquer many tourists worldwide.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

4) Mavra (Black Beach)

It is the most popular beach on the island of Xios. Exotic, it is all black stones and with dark blue water.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

5) Kléftkos

Located on the island of Milos, this beach is only accessible by boat. The turquoise water is amazing!


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

6) Agios Prokopios

It is on the island of Naxos. It is the perfect beach for those seeking peace. With relaxed, it's pretty quiet.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

7) Paleokastritsa

It is the most famous and lively beach of the island of Kerkyra. Has unparalleled beauty, and has undergone several changes to improve the tourism infrastructure.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

8) Agia Anna

Distinguished by the color of their water, which is among the bluest of the country. It is on Amorgos island.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

9) St. Paul

The St. Paul Beach, on the island of Rhodes, is a small shallow bay. The emerald and the fact that it is surrounded by rocks make it one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

10) Red Beach

Red Beach Santorini has red and black pebbles; its contrast with the turquoise water is beautiful.


(Foto: Reprodução / Uma Brasileira na Grécia)

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