The marine diving in Florianopolis

The fauna and the marine flora of Florianópolis region favor the increasing number of divers who enjoy the sea all year round. There are a few main sites used to dive for some time. The area goes from the Island Grove, the first and main point of exploration on the coast of the capital, to the south of the island.

Among the many names, known and popular for the practice of marine diving, are Campeche Island, Kill Hunger Island, North Island and South Moleques, Xavier Island, the Spiders Island and Coral Island.


The major changes with regard to the conditions for the practice of sport are linked mainly to seasonal changes. The water temperature and visibility are strongly influenced by the weather.

In the summer, for example, in the north of the island the average water temperature is 22 ° C, with visibility 10-25 meters.In this scenario it is possible to note the presence of shoals of anchovies, sea bass and swordfish. In the winter, the frank whales become the main attraction, besides the anchovies and mullet, responsible for mobilizing the fishing community.


Both scuba diving (diving or scuba) and free diving (in apnea) provide a view of the natural beauty of the region - and you can still go in search of shipwrecks around the coast, such as Lili and Orion ships.

Get to know the main points of sea diving in Florianopolis

Xavier Island: is located in front of Praia Mole. Strong currents can occur depending on the day and the depth varies between 5 and 18 meters. At the southern tip, the highlight is a large hall which houses many fish.

Island of Spiders: composed of two islands in the shape of "L", is located between the beaches of Santinho and Mozambique. Altogether there are seven slots on the depth can reach 30 meters and offer unforgettable dives.

Kill Hunger island: in front of Praia dos Ingleses, where the Hotel Costa Norte - Ingleses, is perceived to Kill Hunger island, ideal for beginners because of its shallow depth, which is 12 meters. colorful fish and coral can be seen at the site called "aquarium".

Stay with us and see the wonders of the underwater world of the region!