Tips for a better summer

Summer has arrived, the year is over and it's time to travel. Who comes to Florianopolis already know: enjoy the island without taking beach does not. so take advantage of the tips that the North Coast Hotels selected for you get the most out of the season on the beach:


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Nature is our home

This is the tip number one because it is fundamental. Who takes advantage of the natural beauty, here on the island or elsewhere, you need to know to take care of the environment. Do not leave trash on the beach is basic, but there are many other important care.The sandbank, for example, is a delicate vegetation, but very important for the maintenance of life in the coastal environment. Therefore, fires and vehicle traffic on vegetation are prohibited.

Summer is great for exercising, but take it easy

During the holidays, with free time and the pleasant climate, we feel more willing to work in, but it is important to be careful: if you are not used to physical activities, go slow.In the heat desidratamos more, and prolonged exposure to the sun, associated with dehydration, can cause heat stroke, which can spoil the ride for several days.

The sea demands respect

If you do not know the beach you are visiting and the action of the currents in it, do not enter the water at a depth that exceeds the chest. Likewise, avoid taking a swim in days of strong waves, and, of course, never between the sea if you are not feeling well.This is also true if you are drunk.

The lifeguards are there to help

They are knowledgeable of the sea and the beach currents, so always pay attention to his recommendations and instructions. Pay attention to flags positioned in the sand and put lifeguards and always seek help in emergencies.Never attempt a rescue on their own. The lifeguards are trained for rescues and is not safe to try to save a person on their own, at the risk of also putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

As much as you love your pets, leave them at home

Bring pets to the beach places on their health risk and others.The animal feces in the sand can cause infection if they come into contact with skin, and attract insects and other animals that can cause disease.

The main tip:

Book Hotels in North Shore. Here you will find a complete structure to receive you and your family with comfort and well being, so that you have an unforgettable holiday.