Top 7: the most beautiful gardens in the world

For those who love nature, the gardens are a way to break the urban gray, adding green to the landscape.

Its diversity of colors, variety of plants and beauty together create a beautiful effect in the arts and in life. The gardens can be symmetrical or more uncluttered, minimalist or exotic and full of details.See what the 7 most beautiful, according to Caterina Poli, one of the most renowned Brazilian area!

• Instituto Inhotim in Brumadinho / MG

Its gardens have mostly plants from the Atlantic Forest. There are approximately 4300 species, more than 100 hectares and 5 ornamental ponds.


• Fazenda Vargem Grande, in Sands / RJ

On site designed by famous Burle Marx, plants share space with waterfalls and stone walls.


• Monet's Gardens in Giverny, France

The landscapes which fascinated the painter Claude Monet in the nineteenth century blend shrubs with rose bushes, apple trees, azaleas, raspberries, iris, tulips, lemon, forget me not, dahlias, sunflowers and hydrangeas and other species.


• Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh (Morocco)

It is a botanical garden with 12 hectares designed by French landscape painter Jacques Majorelle. It has species of rare birds, fountains and lush cactus. There are also the ashes of the designer Yves Saint Laurent.


• Central Park in New York (USA)

Having already appeared in several Hollywood films, the famous site is considered an oasis in the midst of the stones of the jungle. A striking landscape. In it, there are artificial lakes, trails, skating rinks and fields with various species of plants.


• Château Villandry gardens, France

Composed of three gardens, the space was built in 1536 (in the Renaissance) and restored in the early twentieth century. With its classic detailing and wonderful garden resembles a scenario Alice in Wonderland, according Caterina Poli.


• Generalife Gardens in Granada (Spain)

A relaxing environment with ornamental gardens, tree nurseries and integrated architecture. The courtyards, fountains and mirrors Moorhen in Arabic style are inspiring.


Fonte: Casa/Abril