We are the heat bi-champions

Okay, we're playing, there is no competition to be campões in this regard, but Florianopolis hit for the second time the record for the warmest temperature of the year.

Yes, this means that the time is perfect to give that wonderful snorkeling on our beaches - or the wonderful pools of our hotels.


Foto: reprodução/ Banco da Saúde

On the record

The record-breaking high temperatures here in Florianopolis were identified by the National Insitute of Meteorology, and relate to the temperature records in cities.

Yesterday hit the double heat record, look:

34.2 ° C - higher maximum temperature / hottest afternoon of the year

24.5 ° C - higher minimum temperature / warmer dawn of the year

So, be sure to make your reservations to enjoy this whole calorzão Carnival.We have special packages waiting for you.

With information National Institute of Meteorology.