Get to know Florianópolis

What to do in Florianópolis, turistic hot spots, beaches and others !


Florianopólis is breathtaking. The scenery enriches the territory with more than 100 of the most charming beaches of the south region. Such beauty, has charmed those who seek leisure or business tourism, both national and international.

Sand dunes, bays,lagoons,mangrooves, mountains, neighboring islands and of course, beautiful and receptive people compose this magical scenery. Colozined by Azoreans the city still carries strong traits left by this people in its architecture, culture and gastronomy.

In the hottest month, temperatures can vary from 82,4ºF (28ºC) to 87,8ºF (31ºC).


The lowest, avaregely ranges from from 45,5 ºF (7,5º C) to 53,6 ºF (12º C).The air relative humidity is 82% on the avarage and the anual rainfall index is around 1.200mm. Area (km²): 433 COMPRISING its continental part and the island. Population (hab): 369.781 habitants in 2003 (Accordingly to IBGE).

Amongst the capital’s tourist atractions, stands out today, besides the magnificent beaches, the locations where the first immigrants settled, founding communities, that to this day carry strongly some traits left by its founders, like Ribeirão da ilha, Lagoa da Conceição, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, and the historical Florianópolis’ downtown.