Adventure turism in Florianópolis

Florianópolis has more than 50 miles in paths and trails.

Adventure turism

The trails are very frequented during the whole year, Florianópolis has more than 50 miles in trails and paths, but few of them are properly signaled.

Therefore, in order to increase the overral satisfaction of those who choose to adventure themselves in the trails, the hiring of a specialized professional is highly advised.


Some tracks are covered by a friendly company, Adrenailha:


Starting at the Rio Vermelho’s Rainforest Park pier in Barra da Lagoa, where we hop up on a ferry and cross to Costa da Lagoa, it takes 15 minutes. The beginnning of the trail that leads to Praia do Saquinho, the group makes a stop to recognize the área, then follows the trail to Ratones in the island’s interior.


The trail begins in the community of Pantano do Sul, going up the hill to the viewpoint, where you can enjoy the sight of Pantano do Sul and Lagoinha do Leste, beginning the descent to Praia da Lagoinha do Leste. The group makes a quick stop, then proceeds along the north coast to Praia da Armação, and then finishing at Praia da Armação.

Trail particular natural reserve heritage Morro das Aranhas

Beginning of the trail in the community of Santinho, in the region of restinga and dunes of the West hill side of the Morro das Aranhas (spider’s hill), following towards Praia do Moçambique, we pass by the Lagoa das Lavadeiras. Arrival at Praia do Moçambique, break for lunch, bath and visiting the archeological sites. Return through the east side of Morro das Aranhas, the trail ends besides Costao do Santinho resort, at the South side of Santinho’s beach


Ingleses comunity, home to the biggest lithic office of the Island. The trail begins at the South side of Ingleses. It has many sightingspots with an exuberant panoramic view of the dunes, sea and closed forest. The path cuts through Ingleses’ hill and leads to the north side of Santinho’s beach.


Crossing between Ingleses’ beach and Brava beach. The whole hiking is done on a rocky hillside, overcoming obstacles such as caves and sea caves. Natural pools and costerism complete the adventure.

  2. Scuba diving PADI courses
  3. Professional PADI courses, skin diver PADI
  4. Free diving and snorkling courses.
  5. Surf

Surfing school: Learning surf, will bring many benefits, besides the well being that it brings, simply by getting in touch with nature. The student also learns about the forces of nature (winds, currents and tides, bottoms and types of waves), ambiental education, surf ethics, personal and third parties safety. Surfing promotes the development of the pyshical, psychic and fisiological strengths.

Surfing courses: The company Adrenailha, offers intensive and super intensive courses, perfect for those who are initiated already at surfing (baptized) or have decided to learn the craft. There are eight packages, so you can choose the one that suits you best. All the necessary equipment is included in the package, that counts with experienced and graduated teachers.

Stand up paddle school: Stand up paddle is an activity that shares common knowledge with surfing and conoeing, as it requires balance, rowing, navigation and surfing. Besides the pleasure of being in touch with nature, (beach, sea and vegetation) the Stand up is the oldest modality of board sports


The surf rafting emerges as a new modality of canoeing: it’s has a little of rafting and a lot of surfing in it, being practiced in the sea, at the surfing zone. Adrenailha is a pioneer company in developing a boat specifically designed to drop waves and get through the breaking point. The boat has capacity for 4 people besides the conductor. The activity is as much fun as it is full of adrenaline, the difficulty levels vary according to the size and strength of the waves.

At the north side of Santinho’s beach, on the ocean we practice the Surfrafting, an amazing mix of Surf and Rafting.


Light hike along the left hillside of Praia do Santinho, untill the cracked stone (pedra rachada). Ten meters climbing activity and twenty meter rappel, also visiting the Chuá’s cave. Ideal for beginners.


Ideal for beginners, this rappel is a 65,61 ft tall drop done on a granite block with a sea view, (check video at the end of the page). Light trail through the left rocky hillside of ingleses’ beach until the Pedra Rachada (cracked stone). Rappel activity with a beautiful view of Santinho’s beach and the Ilha das Aranhas (spider’s island). All procedures are trained before performing the activity.

Gravata’s peak rappel

The trail begins at the Road Manoel de Menezes. The trail leads to one of the highest points in the park, the Boa Vista’s stone is located high up in the right rock hill side at Praia Mole. The modality practiced is negative rappel.


Free climbing, in small stone blocks of 10 meters of height maximum. Utilizing crash pads mattresses as safety devices, besides the support and experience from other climbers that are ready to help in case of a possible fall.


The sandboard activity takes place at Ingleses south, a place of unique beauty. After stretching and receiving safety instructions, about the activities and safety norms, we begin sand Surfing which is an amazing mix of Surf and Snowboard, a fun activity filled with adrenaline thrills. The difficulty varies according to the inclination and size of the dunes.


This sport, which is full of adrenaline, was created in Brasil in the year of 1986, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. The origin of sandboarding remains a mystery. Some say that on a certain ocasion, a snowboard instructor that was vacating in Florianópolis would have lended his board to a group of surfers, so they could try surfing on the sand. Others say that the surfers themselves had the initiative of surfing the sands with pieces of broken surfboards, when the ocean was flat.

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Horse Rides

The tours are supervised by trained guides that will supply the advisory and orientation needed for a safe and fun tour.

Normal Tour:
Departures: Anytime
Duration: about 2:00 hours

Special Tours:

Full Moon tour:
Departures: Every month, on the full moon at 21h.
Duration: about 2:00 hours
Obs: After returning, barbcue and salad is served (included).

Sun set tour:
Departures: Once a month (scheduled via E-mail) 17:00h.
Duration: about 02:00h
Obs: After returning, a colonial coffe is offered (included).