Ingleses beach

Get to know Inlgeses beach in Florianópolis


At the north of Ilha de Santa Catarina (Florianópolis), 20 miles from Downtown is located the Praia dos Ingleses (Ingleses’ beach), one of the most beautiful beaches, in the Island, with 3.1 miles of white sand and crystal clear water, the place still carries the traits left by its Azoreans colonizers in its culture, architecture and gastronomy.

Nature plays a show apart, aside from the sun and the sea, hills, 2,4 miles of dunes, submarine archeological sites, lithic offices, rock inscriptions, artisanal fishing of tainha (very traditional type of fish) and the frequent wale sighting on its coast.

Surrounded by exuberant nature, and complete tourism and hotel infrastructure, diversified trade stores and warm receptive people, Ingleses is a quality destination. With 3.1 miles of beach, medium sized waves and clear blue water; Ingleses beach is a self sustained district by itself, with bars, restaurants and typical food and bussiness centers. The fishing done by local fisherman, provides the restaurants on the beach with fresh seafood


Nature plays a show apart here. Sea and hills together paint a special scenery, rare to be found in this country. There are plenty of leizure options, among them we can highlight:

  • Neighboring Islands tour
  • Ecological trails
  • Sea sports: Sail, surf, windsurf, kayak and others
  • Ecological tourism: Fauna and flora observation and sea diving

Among other options that will be avaible on this site.


The beaches of Ingleses and Santinho are separated by 2,48 miles of dunes, a blast for those who like sandboarding or enjoy a walk on the sands. The beach is with a doubt the place’s main turistic atraction. With almost 3.1 miles of extension, the narrow strip of sand is washed up by the blue waters of the open sea, wave sizes are medium

In the high season, the waters temperature is avaregely around 71,6ºF, providing the perfect conditions for a swim. Generally the waves are not big, even when the sea is a little rougher, but it offers a good wave formation, which is enjoyed by the surfers.

In the coldest months, shoals of fish migrating from the South (Rio Grande do Sul) looking for warmer waters come here to spawn, which makes of fishing the main local’s activity. Inglese’ rocky coast is a great place for snorkling and it’s hill is a great option for trails.

Historicly, Ingleses was a strong fishing community, being a record holder in the tainha’s fishing, capturing more than 80.000 in a single haul. Today the fishing activities have reduced in intensity, but not ceased completly, even though the turistic activities, specially in summer, may be negatively affecting the bussiness. Due to this, many fisher families are seeking other activities or bussiness entirely.

Ingleses is also a residencial area, with more than 15.000 residents, with two way acess roads, which provides a good trafficking conditions. The district of Ingleses has a diversification of hotels, restaurants, bank agencies, health centers and other general services and urban infrastructures. Ingleses is also in the international route of turism, offering many options of leisure, sports, music, night life, tours, camping and much more !


Along with the mass Azorian migration to the city between 1747 and 1756, the difficulty to access the more isolated areas led the government to decentralize the power, dividing the Island in various parishes, that later on would become districts Ingleses was part of the Freguesia de São joão Batista do Rio Vermelho, founded in 1831, the name of the beach, is derrived from an English ship that ran aground there.

There are two hypothesis about the outcome of this story. The first says that he refloated and proceded on his journey, leaving some tripulants on the Island. The other one says that it shipwrecked.

The Praia dos Ingleses (Ingleses’ beach), belongs to the district of Ingleses do Rio Vermelho, and is about 20,50 miles from Florianópolis’ Downtown, through the road SC – 401. It’s 3.1 miles in extension and from 19 to 164 ft in width