Ponta das Canas beach

Get to know Ponta das Canas’ beach in Florianópolis.


With 1.2 miles of thin light sand, Ponta das Canas is characterized as a beach of clear and calm waters. Located 21 miles from Floripas’ downtown, and 24 miles from the airport, has an active fishing community; the waters are warm and the sunset is one of the most spetaculars in the whole world.

Its denomination derives from the geographic accident, a point of clayish sand with stones and also due to the plant that was produced in the region, the sugar cane. The community that settled in this region, became strongly involved in field laboring and fishing activities, exploring the good conditions offered by the tropical weather.

Due to the increasing of the contruction bussiness and turist prodructions, the agricultural and fishing activities have reduced, but to this day those practices are carried on by native families.

Ponta das Canas became a region of leisure and vacation, with a familiar and calm abience, away from the highways. It has touristic infrastructure, and became an international touristic destination, receiving the large preference of the Argentine tourists

The Ponta das Canas beach belongs to the Distric of Cachoeira do Bom Jesus and is 21 miles away from Florianópolis’ Downtown.

Dimensions of Ponta das Canas beach

Extension – 3.116 ft
Width ranges from 0 to 196 ft